Brochure Websites

Create a great first impression for you business with a brochure website


Brochure websites are a popular choice for small to medium sized business who do not need to make constant changes to the content of the site. They are ideal for anyone who wants to give their business a professional representation on the internet.


They are called ‘brochure’ websites because they are intended as an online version of your companies printed brochure. They work in the same way as a brochure you would hand out to your clients. They give an overview of your company including its products and services. Brochure websites only consist of a few pages normally including the services you offer, an ‘about us’ and a ‘contact us’, but these few simple pages are the perfect way to maintain your brand awareness, remind current customers of your contact details and give an excellent impression of you and what you offer to any potential customers.


Jabu Designs will deliver an easy to navigate, stylish brochure website which represents your business and gives your customers that all important great first impression.

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