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C&B Beautiful


One of the questions we ask clients when developing their website is “What’s giving you a headache?”


For the team at C&B their headaches were spending too much time on the phone to update their website, there wasn’t a form for clients to contact them through the site, that clients couldn’t view the website on mobile devices and that the layout was clunky and outdated.


We jumped in and took each issue with a direct approach. The website needed to be user friendly for the team at C&B Beautiful to update, as content and offers could change anytime, and it needed a fresh new look to compliment their Haverhill and Bury St Edmunds stores.


Using WordPress as our platform, we gave the team at C&B the ability to update their pricelist anytime that suited them. We build a contact form that now produces all the information needed from clients to make a reservation. As well as looking clean, stylish and easy to navigate, it is also now fully mobile responsive.


No more headaches!


Click here to see the C&B website.